Delhi and student corner


Being a Delhi University student I can bet that Delhi’s student life is one of the most desirable (In India atleast), we’re known for our cool language and food, our sharp minds and unnumerous start up plans, the most affordable fashion sense and  the most high tantrums! Ye Dilli hai mere yaar!!

So we bring to you some amazing facts of a Delhiite’s student life-

The teachers who’ve never seen our faces

Yes, that’s true, either you reach the class at the last moment or you don’t visit at all. Proxies have always played an important role in a student’s life and it’s the only thing which keeps most of us ‘in college’. If ever our teachers were asked to name a total of 10 students in a class of 50, it would have been impossible for them to. Yet, we’re the cream students and you can see that in our scores (scoring without attending classes is an achievement, accept that).


Deepashree and Shiv Das

The only books we rely on are Deepashree and Shiv Das’s ten years. The entire semester you keep thinking that this semester is definitely going to be different and you buy course books but in the end you’re again stuck with Deepashree and ShivDas. Thanks to the publishers for the low price and high value of the question papers.The answers are sometimes wrong, but who cares.

Kulcha and sutta points

Every nook and corner near a college in delhi has a kulcha and sutta point. Kulche vale bhaiya and sutte vali aunty seems to be the only people who remember our faces and names in the entire college life! Yes, no other city in India has such cool street food vendors as ours, they help you in proposing your girl, in safekeeping your secrets and give memories for your college life.


The fests and concert season


Do you like Alia Bhatt? Or Varun Dhawan? Or king Khan? Well, you can meet all your favorite celebrities in Delhi during fest season. You can attend music concerts and competitions. Enjoy handmade chocolates and spend a day worth remembering!