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Cafe BC Times: The Butter Chicken Fusion Place

Driving near the LSR College for Women, one can spot a small cafe right at the corner of the road that started in winters 2018- CAFE BC Times. While some recognize it as the place they had fries from in Grub Fest, others just know it as the new place in the town. We bring to you an exclusive story on this pretty amazing place.

Owned by a Kanpur based IHM Bangalore graduate, this cafe is one-of-a-kind place that opened after a long journey. Akhil, who got placed at CCD, had always wanted to start a cafe, but he never knew how he’d stand out until one night in October 2017; when suddenly the idea of Butter Chicken Fusion struck him and in the middle of the night he brainstormed enough to find seven fusions that he could bring in the market.

After pulling all the strings he could, he found the perfect chef by December and in January 2018 he participated in the Grub Fest where he started off with roasted butter chicken, BC Fries and BC Pizza. The journey had just begun, and on every step Akhil found something new that added to Cafe BC Times. After participating in four food fests, and getting a great response, finally he opened a beautiful cafe on the streets of South Delhi, diagonal to LSR college.

The place-

Placed inside a big park, Cafe BC Times is beautifully decorated with fairy lights and the color-scheme of black-white-wood is very appealing. One can feel the chill vibe of the place, and people who love hustling places would come here over and over again.

The food-

Their food is very different, the fusions they’ve made can make you feel the sizzle of butter chicken gravy but yet the accompanying food’s flavors don’t get merged with it. Somehow they have found the perfect balance between butter-chicken and other foods.

Other than the BC fusions, they’ve got MC fusions for the vegetarians. And there are surprise desserts that can blow your mind if you’re a fan of fusions. (P.S. We got Deep-fried Oreos).

Quantity of the food is ample to fill you up, the gravy is so thick and filling that you’ll probably end up not eating Dinner if you have anything from Cafe BC Times in the evening. The fries comes in cute little jars, that you can take home!


Makhani Fries & BC Fries

Deep Fried Oreos

Roasted Butter Chicken

You can always count on Akhil to suggest you what you should have, and have an interesting conversation with him since he is an amazing person to chat with.

Our Verdict-

Highly recommended for Fusion, Butter Chicken and North Indian food lovers.