India’s first SCOOTER Cafe

“Make way for a new and exclusive format of street food, conceptualised by New Delhi’s very own College students, this Scooter removes the ‘Truck’ from Food Truck!”

We were recently at TARANG 2019, Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, were we met a lot of people and indulged in our foodie instincts and ate a lot of momos, cheesecakes, burgers and fries and came across the most foodtastic invention of all time, Behold Piknik- A cafe on a scooter! Well,  this food truck in a scooter takes the wheels out of the food truck but doesn’t take the steam out of it. The menu, the founder (Nikhil) and Co-founders (Keshav, Monika) and the food was surely awesome, additionally they are National Awardees for this Invention!

“Newest FoodTruck on the Street”

“Inspired by the street food culture Picnick provides some of the best BBQ and steamed  momo’s chaap’s and kebabs and cater to both herbivores and carnivores”

Their menu comprises of an exceptional BBQ Tea which is served in the desi kulhad through a traditional homemade recipe. My buddy got their home-recipe perfected tea and made me savour its aroma from which i had a sip of it too! I honestly don’t drink tea, I prefer coffee but this was as homely and heartwarming tea with aroma of ginger, cinnamon and secret spices which made it extremely difficult to resist. I’v tasted teas’ before form coffee shops and various cafes, this one was the best! I loved the smokey flavour and the mix of the spices and watched my buddy slurp it in the chill of February. The tea also complimented their momo’s really well which we got next. They serve over 10 types of different BBQ or tandoori momos where we decided to go for the tangy Tandoori Achari momo’s and boy, they were the most scrumptious momo’s I have had in a while. If bursting with flavour, crunchy and scrumptious at the same time is what you like, you must try the Achari ones.

“Kulhad Chai with a BBQ Twist”

“Chai like you’ve never seen prepped and tasted before. This Homemade recipe blows the competition out of the park! A whole new smoky flavor with a delicately spiced twist!”

It was the final day of TARANG when we huddled with the owners of Piknik, Monika and Nikhil, who won the Best Business Plan National award at Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College for this concept amongst 100 participants. Their team is currently of three people who are all B.Com graduates and they had conceptualised and designed the business and the scooters themselves and are currently government funded.  They aim to organise the unorganised street vendors by providing a central quality check for all the ingredients at their food scooters and provide people with new scooters at different locations around Delhi.

“Spot Piknik in Delhi!”

They are operating in the Jwalaheri Market area, Paschim Vihar and Madipur be sure to grab their BBQ tea with the homemade recipe.”

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