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Restaurant Decor Ideas ft. Summer 2019

Running a cafe is no easy task, there’s food, inventory, decor, music, lighting and god knows what not as we move forward with the tech. With every season, people expect to find places that refreshes their mind.

While food quality and the taste is definitely the top filter when it comes to picking a restaurant to eat at, decor and ambience certainly have a decent weightage in the selection process. Thus it is essential for restaurants to catch up with the latest trends going on in every season to stay trendy enough.

Few decorating tips that can be helpful for the decoration of the cafe or restaurant in summer 2019 are listed down below-

1) Pastels are IN

Pastel Palette can be used on walls or windows.

Choosing suitable colors for a facility’s spaces is an essential aspect of interior design. Even if you have hired an interior designer, it’s good to know a few basics about color combinations. Pastels are convincingly soothing to the eyes and yet a vibrant way of artwork. Use pastel colors on walls, cushions or paintings to bring out a summer feel.

2) Yellow All Around 

You can brighten the place with yellow paint

Every color has a unique impact on the elements when comes in contact with. Yellow and white are the vibes of the summer, for instance, and are very cheerful in nature, which brings joy to spaces and makes them look bright and welcoming. That’s why yellow and white should be accommodated somewhere in the restaurant to make it feel summerish.

3) Plants & Greenery

Hang the plants on the entrance and near the reception.

Summers are all about colors, vacations and happy plants growing all around. You can decorate the cafe with hanging pots, or go for a plain Aloe vera on every table. Plants make places look fresher and more welcoming in Summers.

4) Wall Hangings

Mandala prints are a fancy way to decorate in summers.

Use wall hangings in the décor to add grace and beauty to the walls of the cafe. The beautiful and attractive wall tapestries can be used for this purpose as they can match all types of décor. Tapestries wall hangings are considered to be one of the oldest art forms and can ornate the place. If needed, you can use fairy lights in the winter months to make it look cosier and go ahead with them in other seasons as well.

5) Graffiti

Graffitis are fun and will work as a photo wall for your restaurant.

Wall art is a unique way to decorate the cafe. There are many different types of art, and according to the theme or the idea of the cafe, wall art can be used to decorate the cafe. For summers, you can go for any art in vibrant colors, we would highly recommend- Orange, Yellow, White and sky blue. Our recommendation- get something with cafe’s theme or some good quotes on the wall and attract people with full-wall quotes.

6) Lighting

You can use light boards, vintage lights or anything that works for you.

Lighting in the cafe can add to the ambience of the dining or can ruin the experience of the customer. It is one of the simplest (and most timeless) ways to agree to Decor style, without being too tacky on the nose. These days jute string lights are getting famous in addition to the golden rimmed lights hanging right above from the ceiling.

We hope you enjoyed the tips and would love to hear from you in case you try any of these. Ciao Adios!